The tent that Jon made

This storybook dares you into a world far from nice,
a place where creatures are unfriendly, unhelpful, unkind.
What you will see is not easy on the soul
it’ll pray on your mind and take a heavy toll.
And, as reward, the garish and the vile is all you’ll have found
But these are the things you’re sure to observe
in the land inside the tent that Jon made.

Bringing together for the first time the writing talents of Phil Kirby and the photography of Jon Eland this book explores a very dark place. Seemingly everyday toys and other objects of play are shown for the sinister and malevolent creatures they really are. The frog, the owl, the fox, the tiger and many more are exposed – if you dare peak into the tent that Jon made

Published 2011 | 52 pages | £29.95

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