Joey Johannsen

Do you have any personal traditions or rituals around Xmas?

In our household some family traditions have been:

  1.  creating a ‘tree’ in a glass jar from discarded trimmings at the tree sales lot.
  2.  making a vegan version of egg nog and enjoying it liberally through the first of January.
  3.  holding up in our apartment with movies to watch non-stop through the holidays and not going outside.

Does the imminence of the new year affect your mood?

Not really. I’m just happy for a nice long 2 week holiday to decompress at the end of the year, do what I want and then actually be ready for the first day of work during the first week of January.

The contribution

© Joey Johanssen 2014

© Joey Johanssen 2014

Photographic resolutions…

I’ve decided to do less documentary photography and more of my favourite – abstract images.

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